The Bodega43-64 is a larger dual-zone wine cooler, offering the advantage of dividing the fridge into two sections with different temperatures to support the maturation process of various wine types. For example, white wines can be stored at a cooler temperature compared to red wines. This wine fridge has a capacity of 64 bottles, allowing ample storage space for wine enthusiasts.

Featuring seven beechwood shelves, the Bodega43-64 exudes an elegant design enclosed in a black casing with a sleek silver stainless steel handle. Its door is built with three layers of brown-tinted safety glass that is resistant to UV rays. Additionally, the door comes with a lock, providing peace of mind for households with children or concerns about the security of valuable wines. The wine fridge also includes LED lighting, contributing to its luxurious appeal. In larger models, the lighting automatically turns off after three hours, but a longer duration can be requested if desired.

A Dual Zone Wine Fridge

With dual temperature zones, the Bodega43-64 offers the flexibility to store 24 bottles at one temperature in the top half of the fridge, while comfortably accommodating 40 bottles at a different temperature on the bottom shelf. This ensures that wine served from the refrigerator is always at the optimal temperature for enjoyment.

Why choose this dual-zone wine fridge?

The Bodega43-64 is an excellent choice for those who enjoy hosting large gatherings or dinner parties, or for small business owners, due to its generous capacity of 64 bottles. Its two temperature zones allow for the storage of different wine types in one unit, enabling gradual maturation and preserving their flavors and aromas. However, it is important to note that the Bodega43-64 is suitable only for freestanding use and cannot be built-in, offering the advantage of mobility for various events. The inclusion of touch panels simplifies temperature control, allowing for easy management of the refrigerator and ensuring wines are stored at the desired temperatures.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

With a comprehensive three-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wine fridge is protected against potential repairs for an extended period. This warranty solidifies the notion that investing in a wine cooler fridge like this is a secure and durable choice.

Bodega43 offers spare parts for their wine fridge coolers, providing customers with cost-effective solutions for potential repairs and ensuring long-term  customer satisfaction.

Product Specifications

Article Number: B4364
EAN Code: 8719326515137
Amount of Bottles: 64
Temperature Zones: 2
Suitable for Built-In: No
Suitable for Freestanding Use: Yes
Hinge Position: Right
Number of Shelves: 7
Sliding Plates: Yes, 6
Distance Between Shelves in mm: 115/112/112/106/92/92/178
Maximum Bottle Length in mm: 440
Type of Cooling: Compressor with Fan Cooling
Heating Function: Yes
Outdoor Dimensions in mm (WDH): 5956401035
Dimensions of the Door in mm (WDH): 59745995
Color Exterior: Black
Type of Glass: Safety Glass
Number of Glass Layers: 3
Anti-UV: Yes
Glass Color: Brown
LED Lighting: Blue
Ambient Temperature: 16-38°C
Temperature Range: 5-20°C
Humidity Range: 50-70%
Power (W): 70
Noise Level: 41 dB
New European Energy Label: G
Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 165
Door Lock: Yes
Inside Dimensions Upper Zone in mm (WDH): 510440350
Inside Dimensions Lower Zone in mm (WDH): 510440290+510340180
Net Weight in kg: 59

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