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I was absolutely thrilled with my experience shopping at the Wine Fridge Store. The staff went above and beyond to assist me in finding the ideal wine fridge for my collection and space requirements, and it now looks great in my kitchen!

Sidney Campbell

The quality of the fridges available on their website is exceptional. I am confident that my wines are being stored in the optimal conditions. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of the wine fridges is remarkable. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Jonas C. Woods

I wholeheartedly recommend Wine Fridge Store to any wine enthusiast in search of a reliable and high-quality storage solution. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their excellent range of wine fridges make them a top choice in the industry.

Khalid Fox

Wine Fridge

Welcome to WineFridgeStore! We are an authorised seller of Bodega43 wine coolers. We sell these wine fridges because we believe in offering our customers the best quality-price ratio products. In addition, our wine coolers have been selected for their low noise levels so you can enjoy your wine in peace. We have a wide selection of premium wine refrigerators and wine coolers, including dual-zone wine refrigerators. Our wine storage solutions start at a 12-bottle capacity and go up to a 180-bottle cooler. The bottles will be safely kept, and the fridge’s digital display makes it simple to set it to the ideal temperature. Our wine coolers are vibration and noise-free, making them perfect for preserving your wine collection.Your wine will age gracefully thanks to the low vibration and quiet operating technology. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect wine cooler fridge for your home at our store.

What is a Wine Fridge?

A wine cooler is a multi-temperature wine fridge in which you may keep white and red wine using split compartments at different storage temperatures. A wine fridge can give your home a beautiful aesthetic while storing your wines in an ideal environment.

How Does a Wine Fridge Work?

Wine refrigerators are designed to store wine at optimal temperatures to help preserve its flavour and prevent spoilage. But how do these fridges work? Wine fridges operate on either a compressor or thermoelectric cooling system.

Thermoelectric vs Compressor Cooling System

A compressor wine fridge is functionally equivalent to a refrigerator because it uses a liquid refrigerant to provide cooling. A compressor cooling system circulates the refrigerant, which causes the air within the fridge to cool down and the hot air to escape. A wine cooler with compressor chilling is ideal if you have a big wine collection and drink a lot of wine. In addition, compressor wine cabinet coolers are quiet and nearly vibration-free, making them ideal for use in the kitchen.

On the other hand, thermoelectric cooling systems rely on the Peltier effect, discovered by a French physicist in the 1830s. The junction between two electrical wires is cooled in such a system. The conductor on the inside will cool down, and the conductor on the exterior will heat up as the heat is transferred between them. A thermoelectric wine cooler is an alternative if you need to store a relatively modest number of wine bottles (up to 18). Most thermoelectric wine refrigerators are purchased as secondary appliances to fit into tighter quarters or be placed in more central locations, such as the living room.

Bodega43 Wine Fridges

Bodega43 is a wine fridge company specialising in wine coolers and storage solutions. A one-year warranty backs their products and offers free returns within 30 days of purchase. In addition, they offer a variety of features that make their products stand out from the competition. For instance, their coolers have glass doors with UV-resistant coating to protect your wine from sunlight damage. They also have adjustable shelves and temperature settings, so you can customise the fridge to meet your specific needs. Overall, Bodega43 offers high-quality products backed by a solid warranty of 3 years, with free repair service and a 30-day return policy. WineFridgeStore sells a few Bodega43 products, including wine coolers, storage racks, and accessories.

Types of Wine Fridges

There are various types of wine fridges in various sizes and styles, each with its features and benefits. When it comes to wine fridges, you won’t find a better quality brand than Bodega43. Our store include the following:

Small Wine Fridge

One of the most popular types is the small wine fridge. These compact units are perfect for people with only a few bottles of wine, as they take up very little space. In addition, some small wine coolers come with built-in shelves, making them even more convenient.

Small Wine Fridges: Under 32-Bottle Capacity

A small wine fridge or climate cabinet is great if you have little room yet and wish to offer wines at the proper temperature. Our 12-32 bottle wine fridges are compact and occupy minimal space.

The Bodega43-22 is a compact wine fridge equipped to store 22 bottles with a heating function to give your wines a consistent storing temperature and two temperature zones for storing red and white wines simultaneously and remaining energy efficient. The B4312C shelves are made from Beech wood to run smoothly over a guided rail, perfect for smaller spaces.

Integrated Wine Fridge

The integrated wine fridge is built into your kitchen cabinets. These units tend to be larger than small wine fridges so they can hold more bottles. They also usually come with temperature controls, ensuring that your wines are stored at the perfect temperature.

Integrated Wine Fridge Models Available

The BODEGA43-40 is a two-zone wine refrigerator that may be installed on a wall or used independently. The best way to serve wine is from a multi-temperature zone cooler. This two-temperature-zone, integrated wine cooler is perfect for storing and chilling wine at various temperatures. For example, the upper section may be cooled for white wine, while you can cool down red wine in the lower section. The wine chiller operates automatically.

Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Dual-zone wine fridges are great for people with a large collection of wines. These units have two separate compartments, each with its temperature control. This allows you to store red and white wines at optimal temperatures, ensuring that your collection is always ready to drink. In addition, whether you have a lower or higher kitchen counter, you can easily modify the built-in wine cooler’s height with the included adjustable feet.

The Bodega43-24 model is a great example of a dual zone fridge. It may store up to 24 bottles of wine in a cold, dark place. This space-saving wine fridge has two independent temperature controls for settings between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius. As a result, the BODEGA43-24 may serve any kind of wine, including champagne. In addition, the B4324 can accommodate bottles with a maximum diameter of 80mm, making it suitable for standard burgundy bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery charges for orders?
When shopping at our online store, you can enjoy the added benefit of absolutely free delivery on all orders, providing you with a seamless and budget-friendly experience as you welcome your new wine cooler into your home.e
What does a wine refrigerator cost on average?
On average, a wine refrigerator costs between £300 and £2000. The cost varies because of the different types of wine refrigerators. For example, a wine refrigerator with 1 temperature zone is cheaper than a wine refrigerator with 2 zones. The number of bottles and total volume in liters also has an impact on the price of a wine refrigerator. Finally, additional options such as, type of wine racks, cooling technology, delivery options and color can make the wine refrigerator more expensive.e
How is my order delivered?
Your order will be delivered by Dachser after an announcement by text message, email or phone. Please note that Dachser delivers to your doorstep and not indoors. If you are ordering a heavy product, please keep in mind that you will probably need help putting your order in place. In case of a gravel path or other surface that a pallet truck cannot drive on, the driver will determine how far he can deliver your order to your home.e