The BODEGA43 brand focuses on wine to mature slowly, enhancing the flavors and preserving the fruit, allowing the tannin to reduce itself. Naturally, aspects like one’s budget, amount of space, amount of wines one drinks, and the type of wines one drinks will influence one’s decision. Should one be looking for a wine fridge cooler that is compact, easy to use, and move around to different locations, for example, like those in small-scale catering companies, then the BODEGA43-24 may be the best option for you.

The BODEGA43 brand offers a variety of wine coolers and fridges, focusing on sleek designs that reflect the brand’s passion for food and wine. The BODEGA43-24 is a type of wine fridge cooler that holds a generous amount of wines and 24 bottles, and it has the bonus feature of having two temperature zones, making it a dual-zone wine fridge.

A Dual Zone Small Fridge

The BODEGA43-24 has a capacity of 24 wine bottles. Thus, it is a great entry option for those wanting to store wine for social gatherings and events. The compact wine cabinet has two temperature zones, meaning it can hold 12 bottles at one temperature, and one can keep another 12 bottles at a different temperature. This purpose allows one fridge for different house wines; for example, red wines are kept at a warmer temperature than white or other wines. The compressor fan cooling system allows the wine to keep at the perfect temperature, anywhere between 5°C and 20°C. It comprises six beechwood shelves and some plates which slide to ensure one has easy access to the wine on each shelf. It is enclosed in a black casing with a long silver handle contributing to the elegant design of the wine cooler fridge.

Why Buy A Dual Zone Fridge?

The BODEGA43-24 has an elegant design and easy-to-use functionalities. Like many of the other models of the BODEGA43 wine coolers and wine fridges, the cabinet comes with a lighting feature. A blue LED light is inside the BODEAGA43-22 to enhance the feeling of luxury and its overall appearance and feel. However, it is important to note that since this is a smaller model, it has a lighting feature that can be manually turned on or off. A touch panel is available so one can control the temperature and functioning of the fridge with merely a button tap. The door is completed with UV-resistant glass, which has the added benefit of ensuring the wine is properly protected from external rays and can age slowly over time, so the flavors do not get disturbed, or the bottles and their labels do not get damaged. The stainless steel handles add a contemporary finish and are sturdy for when one opens and closes the food.
On the other hand, if one purchases a larger model, its lighting will automatically turn off after three hours. Furthermore, a lighting feature that can continue to stay on for a long time is available by special request. Lastly, its compact nature is a huge advantage for those who usually move often or own small businesses as it is not heavy and because of its free-standing nature.

The wine fridges and wine coolers available at BODEGA43 ensure that the temperatures are moist enough to provide the cork does not dry out and then impact the wine’s aging process. Moreover, it does not make the label look like the bottle is old as the label is peeling off.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Rest assured with our extensive three-year warranty, providing you with the utmost peace of mind for an extended period. This warranty guarantees the protection of your wine fridge against any potential repairs, reaffirming the confidence in your decision to invest in this wine cooler fridge as a reliable and resilient choice for the long run.

Product Specifications

Article number: B4324
EAN code: 8719326515106
Amount of bottles: 24
Temperature zones: 2
Suitable for built-in: No
Suitable for freestanding use: Yes
Hinge position: Right
Number of shelves: 6
Sliding plates: Yes, 5
Distance between shelves in mm: 92/92/92/93/92/191
Maximum bottle length in mm: 360
Type of cooling: Compressor with fan cooling
Heating function: Yes
Outdoor dimensions in mm (wdh): 395555875
Dimensions of the door in mm (wdh): 39744836
Color exterior: Black
Type of glass: Safety glass
Number of glass layers: 3
Anti UV: Yes
Glass color: Brown
LED lighting: Blue
Ambient temperature: 16-38°C
Temperature range: 5-20°C
Humidity range: 50-70%
Power (W): 60
Noise level: 43 dB
New European energy label: G
Energy consumption (Kwh/year): 136
Door lock: Yes
Inside dimensions in mm upper zone (wdh): 312360285
Inside dimensions in mm lower zone (wdh): 312360190+312250180
Net weight in kg: 37

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