The BODEGA43-22 wine cooler is a compact model, accommodating up to 22 wine bottles. It boasts the advantage of two distinct temperature zones within its sleek design.The reason behind the two temperature zones is to allow one to store both red and white wine at the correct temperature within the one wine fridge. The BODEGA43-22 is a free-standing wine fridge that is not suitable for installation. However, with its beechwood shelves, enclosed in a black casing and a glass door, the sleek design is sure to be the focus of many events. 

A Dual Zone Wine Fridge

The BODEGA43-22 is a freestanding wine cooler with a heating function to ensure it remains at temperatures between 5°C and 20°C. It has two temperature zones, so these cooling zones can be set to different temperatures and are operated with an easy-to-use display control panel.  It has five beechwood shelves allowing for sufficient wine storage. A bonus is that these shelves are not mounted on a guided rail like some of the other BODEGA43 models either. The wine fridge is also equipped with a blue LED light adding to the elegant finish and overall sleek design. The light plays an important role in allowing one to see what wine is available within the wine fridge and adds to its aesthetic look. A brown-tinted, triple-layered glass door encloses the wine to accompany this sleek design. A touch panel allows for easy functioning and embraces the future of technology. 

Should one be looking for a BODEGA43 wine cooler fridge for basic entertaining or wine collection, then the BODEGA43-22 is ideal. The dual functioning of this wine cooler fridge ensures that one can have different wines kept at the perfect temperature allowing them to age gradually and taste perfect when it comes to the serving. Additionally, should one want the wine fridge to display fancier bottles of wine only, this type of wine cooler is the perfect solution because it is compact and small. Yet, it still has all the advanced technology, touch panels, and LED lights to create a statement in one home or at any event. 

Why Buy A Dual Zone Wine Fridge?

The UV filter on the glass door of the BODEGA43-22 will ensure that light does not reach the bottles and defect the wine taste and smell loss when a bottle of wine is opened for the first time. The protection provided by the layer is thus crucial if one wants to keep their wine intact over time. In addition, it will help regulate the temperature inside and act as an insulator preventing the wine from getting too hot or too cold. It is important because if the wine gets too cool, the label may wilt, and the bottle will lose its aesthetic look. However, if it gets too hot, the cork will dry out, and the aroma of the wine will seep out. Although the BODEGA43-22 is considered small, it is very compact, saving space yet holding a large amount of wine. The BODEGA43-22 has high-quality beechwood shelves. However, these shelves are not on a guided rail. The added benefit of this is that one can remove a shelf easily and add different size bottles, whether one needs space for taller or thicker bottles. Thus it is more versatile, as one can rearrange the shelving to display fewer bottles and still have it look stylish. The triple-layered, tinted glass furthermore allows for greater energy efficiency and better protection of the wines allowing them to be in a cooler, darker space to age gradually over time. If the wines age progressively, they will taste better.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

With a comprehensive three-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wine fridge is protected against potential repairs for an extended period. This warranty solidifies the notion that investing in a wine cooler fridge like this is a secure and durable choice for the long term.

Product Specifications

Number of bottles: 22
Warranty: 3-year full manufacturer warranty
Volume: 60 liters
Suitable for free-standing use
Not suitable for installation
Door: Doorstop on the right
Door lock: yes
Temperature zones: 2
Temperature range: 5 – 20ºC
Ambient temperature: 16 – 32ºC
Low noise (41 dB) and very little vibration allow the wine to settle
Cooling type: Compressor with fan cooling
Active fan for a constant temperature per zone
Heating element available
Insulating glass with a UV filter protects against loss of aroma
Housing Material: Black
Five drawers made of beech wood
Blue LED display with touch panel
Maximum bottle length: 33cm
Dimensions: 395*497*820 mm (W*D*H)
Weight: 37kg
Energy consumption: 135 kWh/year
New European energy label: G
EAN code: 8719327333846