The BODEGA43-18C is a small wine fridge offered by the BODEGA43 brand. It has a capacity of 18, allowing it to hold 18 wine bottles comfortably, making it slightly bigger than the BODEGA43-12C. The wine fridge has been designed to be built into a kitchen, thus making it a built-in wine cooler. Unfortunately, this wine fridge cannot be used as a free-standing one. The wine fridge 18 bottles have one temperature gauge, which can be set between 5°C and 20°C to ensure that the wine is at the perfect temperature when consumed during the different weather seasons or depending on the specific type of wine inside. Furthermore, the sleek design with beechwood shelves and LED lighting ensures it is the perfect statement piece to add to anyone’s home.

A Small Wine Fridge

Although the BODEGA43-18C is considered a small wine fridge, it has a sleek design that spares no details. The door of the BODEGA43-18C consists completely of tinted brown glass and triple-glazed. It furthermore is UV resistant. All this combined allows the wine cooler fridge to have a low energy consumption level, provides better protection for the wine, and allows for extra insulation. All in turn benefiting the aging process of the wine. The wine fridge keeps noise to a minimum because of the energy-efficient compressor technology that is used, allowing it to be vibration free. The sleek design looks luxurious with beechwood drawers that can be extended easily and built-in lighting. Since this is a smaller model, it has a lighting feature that can be manually turned on or off. If one purchases a larger model, its lighting will automatically turn off after three hours. However, should one want a lighting feature that can continue to stay on for a long, this can be supplied on request. The BODEGA43-18C has a blue LED light, which aims to provide a more romantic interior, contributing to the elegant design.

Choosing the Perfect Wine Cooler

The BODEGA43 provides consumers with various wine coolers and wine fridges. Choosing a wine fridge or wine cooler depends on what one needs, for example, how much wine one wants to store and if it is only one specific type. If one wants to keep two different blends, then perhaps considering a wine fridge with dual temperature settings is better. Furthermore, the amount of space available will impact one’s decision to purchase free-standing or built-in, and lastly, one’s budget will guide one when deciding what to buy. The BODEGA43-18C is an improved model compared to the BODEGA43-12C in terms of the fact that it has a higher capacity.

Why Buy a Small Wine Fridge?

Although the BODEGA43-18C is considered a small wine fridge, it has a capacity of 18, making it the perfect size for the average family. Furthermore, the wine fridge is a nice size compared to a small oven’s height, making it a popular choice amongst consumers and the best small wine fridge. A BODEGA43-18C wine fridge is a built-in one, so it is a great option for those with limited space in their kitchens or dining rooms.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

In addition, this wine fridge is accompanied by a three-year warranty, which assures the clients that any repairs are usually free of charge. Should an issue occur at some stage due to a part, one will not need to repurchase an entirely new appliance. The company has repair parts and can use components to repair the fridge or cooler if required. Most spare parts needed for repairs are kept in stock to ensure the client doesn’t have to wait a long time.

Product Specifications

Article Number: B4318C
EAN Code: 8719327333822
Amount of Bottles: 18
Temperature Zones: 1
Suitable for Built-in: Yes
Suitable for Freestanding Use: No
Hinge Position: Available with right or left (+50,-) hinge
Number of Shelves: 3
Sliding Plates: Yes, 2
Distance Between Shelves in mm: 106/102/102
Maximum Bottle Length in mm: 380
Type of Cooling: Compressor with direct cooling
Heating Function: No
Outdoor Dimensions in mm (wdh): 555558445
Dimensions of the Door in mm (wdh): 59021455
Color Exterior: Black
Type of Glass: Safety glass
Number of Glass Layers: 3
Anti UV: Yes
Glass Color: Brown
LED-Lighting: Blue
Ambient Temperature: 16 – 38 C
Temperature Range: 5 – 20 C
Humidity Range: 50-70%
Power (W): 60
Noise Level: 38 dB
New European Energy Label: G
Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 128
Door Lock: Yes
Inside Dimensions in mm (wdh): 470380305
Net Weight in kg: 34