The BODEGA43-180 is the top wine cooler fridge offered by BODEGA43. Not only can the wine fridge cooler keep 180 wine bottles protected and intact, but it has a dual zone functioning with two temperature zones allowing the fridge to split up into two different temperatures as needed for the other kind of wines being stored. In addition, this type of wine cooler is free-standing and is not only used for wine storage but can display wine bottles and make them stand up to ensure that the fridge is the focal point of any event.

A Dual Zone Wine Fridge

The BODEGA43-180 wine fridge has a very large capacity of 180, allowing it to hold 180 wine bottles. It has 8 beechwood shelves and 7 sliding plates, ensuring one can store the wine comfortably on the racks. The shelves are enclosed in a black casing with a long silver handle adding to that perfect sleek finish. The BODEGA43-180 is a dual-zone wine fridge with two temperature zones. The benefit of this is to ensure that the wine at the top half of the refrigerator can be stored at one temperature and the wine stored at the bottom half of the fridge can be kept under a different temperature. Both temperature zones are accompanied by an easy-to-use touch panel, allowing one easy access to control the temperature. The door is made of thick, three-layer, UV-resistant glass, also tinted brown. The protection provided by the layer is thus crucial if one wants to keep their wine as good as possible.

The BODEGA43-180 is the best dual-zone fridge available. The wine cooler fridge can contain the most amount of wine bottles, and with its sleek design and high-quality technology, it is easy to work with touchscreen panels and will be the focal point at any house or event. The temperature is controlled by a compressor with a fan cooling system to ensure that the wines do not get too cold or too hot. Should the temperature be too dry inside the fridge, the corks will dry out; should it be too cold, the wine labels will become damp, which will, in turn, ruin the aesthetic appeal of the wines, and they will decrease in value as well. The blue LED light emphasizes the fridge’s elegance as it adds to the romantic interior.

Moreover, the refrigerator comes with a three-year factory warranty, thus providing consumers with peace of mind should something happen to the wine cooler within three years. Spare parts are also available for this dual-zone fridge if a client needs a specific part replaced. Thus proving that the company is focusing on purchasing a wine fridge and using it for several years.

Why buy a 180-bottle fridge like BODEGA43-180?

The BODEGA43-180 is a top-of-the-range dual-zone freestanding wine cooler fridge. It has the largest capacity, allowing it to hold 180 wine bottles, so one is unlikely to run out of a wine storage room. A wine fridge like this is ideal for serious wine connoisseurs or those who work in the restaurant and catering industry. Despite only storing wine on the beechwood shelves, the wine cooler fridge can be a serving cabinet as the shelves can be manipulated to display standing bottles as well, thus making it an ideal wine fridge for any event. However, should one want a wine fridge that can be built in, one must not purchase this fridge as the BODEGA43-180 is only suitable as a free-standing wine fridge.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Backed by a three-year factory warranty, the BODEGA43-180 provides peace of mind and demonstrates the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Should any issues arise within the warranty period, you can rely on the manufacturer for prompt repairs. Additionally, spare parts are readily available for this dual-zone fridge, ensuring long-term functionality and longevity.

Product Specifications

Article Number: B43180
EAN Code: 8719326515144
Amount of Bottles: 180
Temperature Zones: 2
Suitable for Built-In: No
Suitable for Freestanding Use: Yes
Hinge Position: Available with right or left (+50,-) hinge
Number of Shelves: 8
Sliding Plates: Yes, 7
Distance Between Shelves in mm: 190/190/190/190/190/190/190/280
Maximum Bottle Length in mm: 540
Type of Cooling: Compressor with Fan Cooling
Heating Function: Yes
Outdoor Dimensions in mm (WDH): 5957001867
Dimensions of the Door in mm (WDH): 595351826
Color Exterior: Black
Type of Glass: Safety Glass
Number of Glass Layers: 2
Anti-UV: Yes
Glass Color: Brown
LED Lighting: Blue
Ambient Temperature: 16-38°C
Temperature Range: 5-20°C
Humidity Range: 50-70%
Power (W): 75
Noise Level: 41 dB
New European Energy Label: G
Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 184
Door Lock: Yes
Inside Dimensions Upper Zone in mm (WDH): 510540795
Inside Dimensions Lower Zone in mm (WDH): 510540670+510430190
Net Weight in kg: 90

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