The BODEGA43-12C is the smallest wine fridge offered by the BODEGA43 brand. This wine cooler fridge has a capacity of 12, thus meaning it can hold 12 wine bottles comfortably. The wine fridge prides itself on its stylish and eye-catching design, ensuring that the wines within it are kept at the perfect temperature for one to enjoy in any season or climate. Furthermore, it is versatile as it can be used as a freestanding wine cooler should one want. The LED display completes the elegant look and style of the wine fridge 12 bottles cooler.

A Small Wine Fridge

The BODEGA43-12C has a powerful compressor that ensures wines are kept anywhere between 5°C and 20°C. Wine bottles come in various shapes and sizes as wine manufacturers are constantly developing their brands, so should one be worried about if the size of the bottle will fit? There is no need to be, as the BODEGA43-12C is designed with beech wooden shelves gliding over a guided rail, and these shelves can comfortably accommodate a champagne bottle. Furthermore, the doors of the wine fridge are designed to ensure that the cold air stays in the refrigerator, so the glass door not only gives off a sleek design and look of luxury; it has tinted, UV resistant and triple-glazed glass to allow for the additional insulation and further protection. Moreover, the door can lock, offering one peace of mind should they have little children in the house. Lighting features are provided in the wine fridges, contributing to the luxury design. Since this is a smaller model, it has a lighting feature that can be manually turned on or off. If one purchases a larger model, its lighting will automatically turn off after three hours. However, should one want a lighting feature that can continue to stay on for a long, this can be supplied on request.

Best wine fridge from BODEGA43

BODEGA43 has a range of wine fridges and wine coolers. The brand’s main goal is to allow the wine to mature slowly, enhancing the flavours and preserving the fruit, allowing the tannin to reduce itself. The wine fridges on offer are moist enough to ensure the cork does not dry out yet dry enough to make the label look like the bottle has just been labelled and is brand new. The BODEGA43-12C is a great option should one be limited in space and have a smaller budget. If one has a love for wine and drinks mainly red or white, this fridge will be an ideal purchase as the fridge will only be able to be set at one temperature setting. However, should one want to store various blends and keep them at different temperatures, BODEGA43 offers alternative options to suit those needs.

Why buy a small wine fridge like BODEGA43-12C?
Purchasing a smaller wine fridge will ensure one has the functionality needed to keep their wines at optimal temperatures without having a huge appliance take up too much space. Since it is smaller, it is cheaper than the larger models and will thus be more affordable to run, making it a good choice. The BODEGA43 brand focuses on creating good wine cellar accessories with high-quality products. The brand takes pride in utilising the best technology available to create modern designs that can alter any kitchen or room into a more contemporary space. The brand offers a variety of wine coolers and fridges of various sizes, so one is bound to find something to suit their individual needs.

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The company prides itself on providing consumers with a safe purchase for your wine fridges. If something were to go wrong, the client is protected, and thus the product comes with a three-year factory warranty whereby repair is usually free of charge for the client. Most spare parts needed for repairs are kept in stock to ensure the client doesn’t have to wait a long time. In addition to spare electronic components, the brand keeps extra handles and wooden shelves, for example, in case this is needed.

Furthermore, should something happen to the door of the wine fridge or wine cooler, BODEGA43 has fully completed entries in stock so that one can fit them onto the fridges or coolers quickly, should a new one be required.

The BODEGA43-12C product specifications

Number of bottles: 12
Warranty: Full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
Volume: 33 litres
Suitable for freestanding use
Not suitable for built-in installation
Door: Right-opening
Door lock: Yes
Temperature zones: 1
Temperature range: 5 – 20°C
Ambient temperature: 16 – 32°C
Quiet (41 dB) with very low vibration to allow the wine to rest
Cooling method: Compressor with direct cooling
Insulating triple-glazed door with UV filter protects against loss of aroma
Housing: Black
Three beech wood drawers
Blue LED display with touchscreen panel
Dimensions: 395 x 500 x 480 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 22 kg
Energy consumption: 130 kWh/year
Energy label: G
EAN code: 8719327333815